We like to build high performance/low energy homes because they offer superior performance for the owner and they make economic sense. While upfront construction costs may be a little higher than prevailing practices, over a building’s life cycle they are much more cost effective. In effect, we build homes that are so well insulated that we eliminate the need for a furnace or other major heat source, cutting heating and cooling costs by 80 to 90%. Thanks to the use of a Heat Recovery Ventilation unit, each room has a continuous supply of fresh air while up to 90% of the heat from stale air is recovered before it exits the building. These homes are very comfortable, as they are free of drafts or temperature swings. Because of all the insulation used, these homes also keep out street noise.

Lately, we have been focused on building homes to the rigorous Passive House standard developed in Germany.  Homeowners get many benefits from building to the Passive House standard, as reported by the CBC. We also use other approaches to help homeowners find other ways to improve the comfort of their homes, to reduce the energy used to keep a building warm and to ensure fresh air supply and low maintenance costs.

If you live in BC and are interested in building your home to high quality construction standards that ensure comfort, savings on operating costs all the while minimizing your energy footprint, please contact us.